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Welcome to 鶹ֱ Boarding, thank you for considering 鶹ֱ. Today the School has approximately 200 boarders with enrolments remaining strong. A breakdown of the 鶹ֱ boarding demographic shows that 60% of the School’s boarders reside in Rural/Regional NSW, 15% from overseas with the remaining 25% being weekly boarders.

Please call the Registrar, Vickii Scott on 02 9956 1130 or email Alistair Roland at for boarding opportunities. You can register and request a personal tour. You can also take a.  

There are four boarding houses at 鶹ֱ. School House is the largest of the houses with 75 students ranging from Years 7-12. Of these 75 students, 30 of these are our new Year 7 students. The other three boarding Houses are Robson House, Barry House and Hodges House which all contain about 45 students each ranging from Years 8-12. One of the key strengths of having a vertical House structure at 鶹ֱ is that all the boarders from their first day at 鶹ֱ get to see and experience senior role models on a day to day basis. This is extremely important as they understand the expectations and responsibilities that come with boarding but they also get to see good behaviour and servant leadership modelled and lived out by the senior students.

School House was opened in 1889 when 鶹ֱ began and has had boarders from the very beginning. Robson House was the second boarding house opened in 1926 and was named after the first Headmaster of the School, Ernest I. Robson who was Headmaster from 1889 until 1900. Barry House was opened in 1939 and was named after Bishop Barry who was the Bishop of Sydney and the Primate of Australia at the time of the foundation of the school. Hodges House was opened in 1939 and was named after the School’s second Headmaster Charles Hodges who was Headmaster from 1900 until 1910.

"The boarding community is underpinned by strong friendship and fellowship."

The unity and diversity of the four Houses which are each a place where boys from all backgrounds and those who care for them can thrive within distinct positive households founded on respect, common sense and a growing understanding of themselves and the world in which they live. The coming together in the Chapel to worship God, hear His Word and learn of the redemption and salvation of humanity through Jesus Christ. Sharing of meals three times a day as a single, safe and happy community in the Dining Hall. Transformational community engagement programmes such as Rough Edges and the CANA Homeless Men’s Shelter.

Boarding is a gateway to 鶹ֱ and the world beyond offering boys from diverse traditions and backgrounds the occasion to learn and live at and to contribute to one of the nation’s finest schools. At the same time, the wider 鶹ֱ community is the beneficiary of boarding as day boys, their families, masters and support staff witness boarding’s social, educational and traditional diversity lived out in an accessible and trusting context. Boarders live, learn and grow into manhood while having a permeating influence over the wider life of the School. Traditionally boarders contribute disproportionately and positively to the full life of 鶹ֱ and this has furthermore and more recently been reflected in their academic results.

Each boarding house is an extension of each boy’s learning opportunities and experience of living and relating to one another. The Houses are staffed by men and women who understand, live out and enjoy the essence of boarding, with the vast majority of them being permanent teachers at 鶹ֱ. They appreciate caring for the boarders both in their Houses and through their roles as schoolmasters and participants in the wider life of 鶹ֱ.

For further information about 鶹ֱ boarding please contact either the Director of Boarding, Alistair Roland or the Director of Enrolments, Vickii Scott

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