The Trenerry family have a long history with 鶹ֱ as a four-generation family starting with the Trenerry twins, Les and Leo, who came to 鶹ֱ in 1907. As their father was a bank manager at Moree, Les and Bill were boarders. While at school Les was an all-round scholar and student. He received Colours for First XV Rugby, First XI Cricket, was Lieutenant in the Cadets Rifle team and Captain of Shooting. He was also a Junior Prefect and was undertaking a classical education to become a doctor. Just before taking the history test for the Leaving Certificate, Les broke his collarbone playing sport, meaning he had to write the test left-handed. Subsequently he failed the test and was not able to pass all eight subjects required to start a medical career. His father was very angry and blamed his zealous sport participation for the failure. The argument was so huge that Les took off from home and got a job as a station hand on a property near Boomi. Both twins, Les and Bill, joined the Australia Defence Force very early on after the declaration of the Great War, both survived, and both were awarded a Military Cross.

The end of the month of April is a significant time in Les Trenerry’s life:

  • he went on land to Gallipoli on 26 April 26 1915
  • an incident occurred on 24 April 1918 that led to him being awarded the Military Cross
  • he got engaged on 25 April 1924
  • he died on 24 April 1951
  • he was buried on 25 April 1951 at 10am

    While serving in the war, Lt. Trenerry took many photos of the places he visited including Egypt, Anzac Cove, France, London and his home life back in Australia. Some of the photos show scenes of battle seen through the eyes of one of our Old Boys.

  • Lt Trenerry WWI notebook, transcribed by Andrew Warden.

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