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The 鶹ֱ Mitre Club was formed in May 1997 by a group of Old Boys in conjunction with the Old Boys' Union, The Foundation and the School.


  • To keep Old Boys in touch with each other and with the School
  • To preserve and strengthen the ideals, traditions and history of the School; and
  • To raise the level of pride in being a 鶹ֱ Old Boy.


  • Membership is automatic to 鶹ֱ Old Boys, based on the Alumni being of about 70 years of age
  • The Old Boys' Union Office will provide appropriate administrative support
  • At least one social gathering will be organised each year following which an AGM will be held at which six members will be a quorum
  • Members present will appoint a Convenor who will hold office for two years
  • The Convener will appoint an Organising Committee to help achieve the aims of the Club during his tenure of office
  • The Rules of the Club may be altered by a majority vote of those present at an AGM
  • Membership of the Mitre Club is offered to Alumni Groups in May of each year
  • There is no joining fee or annual subscription.

The Mitre Clubs holds two lunches annually where the first one is a Winter Lunch and the second is a Christmas Lunch.

Current Mitre Club Committee:-

Andrew Cavill (71) Convener
David Nock (55)
Rick Clive (68) Rodney Northam (60)
Alex Ferguson (67)
Warren Nutt (57)
Richard Ferguson (66) John Sedgwick (57/58)
Rick Lee (67) Peter Stevens (59)
Jeff McDougall (64)

Old Boys wishing to join the Mitre Club or seeking further information should contact the Old Boys' Union Office by email