Holiday Workshops are now being offered to Year 12 boys for the upcoming vacation. These have proven successful in providing boys with structure which complements their individual study programs.

Each 3 hour Holiday Workshop session will consist of coverage of important HSC topics in that subject. A mix of strategies will be used in order to maximise learning: revision lecture, structured tutorial and discussion. Workshops will generally be limited to a minimum of 7 and a maximum of approximately 20 boys. A fee of $65 (which includes GST) will be charged per (3 hour) workshop, which represents excellent value compared to externally run HSC lecture courses. Boys are encouraged strongly to make good use of the workshops and are expected to stay to the end of each workshop.

Charges will be made to the next fees statement on a no-refund basis.

Boys will not be required to wear school uniform.

Boys are not encouraged to drive to school for the workshops. However, if they do drive they are not allowed to park in the front driveway under any circumstances.

We do hope that each boy will participate in the workshops, which, according to boys in the Classes of 1999-2018, contributed well to their success at the HSC examinations.