December, 2023

Renowned for our commitment to providing a comprehensive education to our students, our holistic approach extends beyond the classroom, emphasising the value of community involvement, empathy, and social responsibility. ‘The Schools for Impact’ programme, an initiative aimed at empowering students to confront and engage with the issue of homelessness, is a testament to this commitment, as it equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to not only understand the complexities of homelessness but also actively contribute to finding solutions.

Students representing their respective Houses are entrusted with the task of raising funds through creative means of their choosing.

These fundraising endeavours culminated in the ’Schools for Impact’ Pitch Night, at which five prominent Sydney charities dedicated to addressing homelessness presented their initiatives to all attendees (The Haven, Nepean Women’s Shelter, Stepping Stone House, Dignity, Streetwork and House of Welcome).

At the conclusion of the event, attendees had the opportunity to vote for their preferred organisation, with each charity receiving a percentage of the total funds raised, determined by the final voting results. Notably, all proceeds from ticket sales were also donated.

As a collective, the 鶹ֱ community raised over $30,000, with nearly 570 registered participants. It was a wonderful and positive community effort and a remarkable demonstration of the power of collective giving and the School’s commitment to community involvement and philanthropy in education.

By participating, our students understand the value of collective action and the far-reaching impact it can have on addressing pressing social issues. This model serves as a real-world example of the power of philanthropy and the potential for positive change in education.

Fundraising extends far beyond the act of raising money; it offers students opportunities for personal growth, community engagement, and skill development that enrich their lives in profound ways. The School’s emphasis on fundraising as a critical component of community service highlights our commitment to teaching students that they can be active agents of change.

By encouraging students to consider various fundraising activities within their Houses, 鶹ֱ is not only fostering a sense of responsibility, but also instilling key life skills such as leadership, team collaboration, critical thinking, and goal setting, and that even the smallest contributions can make a significant collective difference in their role as active members of the School community and the broader society.

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